Creative Spotlight – Khaled Hafez

Sonata in 3 military movements (detail)

Sonata in 3 military movements (detail) - © Khaled Hafez

Today we would like to cast the creative spotlight on Khaled Hafez. Born in Cairo, Khaled originally studied medicine and followed his creative talent at evening classes. After completing his medical degree and briefly working as a doctor, he decided to follow his artistic passions entirely and pursued a career in the arts, to great success might I add.

In recent months Egypt has seen a massive upheaval in politics and social thinking. This has created a breed of artists who are influenced by these turbulent times of change and in the process has produced some amazing works of art.

Khaled’s style really reminds me of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs but with modern imagery and iconography.

Check out Khaled’s website and works here and be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming exhibitions.