Anorak Magazine

Anorak Winter '11

Anorak Winter '11

Today we have what we believe to be the most creative kids magazine in the world. Please step forward “Anorak”, created and launched in 2006 by Cathy Olmedillas. Anorak strives to be different among the shelves of other kid’s magazines, in combining good creative direction/production and engaging articles.

“I launched Anorak because of a shared passion for illustration and words,” says Cathy. “I wanted to provide children with the platform from which to express themselves in a creative and positive way. Anorak inspires children to fire up their imaginations and gives them the opportunity to exercise their boundless creativity.” Which is why you’ll find little editors carrying out book & film reviews (there’s an unofficial team of 70 children’s contributors!), mad cap comic strips, quirky fashion features, colouring-in pages and engaging stories focusing on real life issues affecting kids (but always with a light-hearted feel).

Anorak has enjoyed a great rise in popularity and prominence within the industry and launched in the US last September. With the upcoming launch of Anorak TV coming on February 10th, it appears that there is a lot more to come. Keep your eyes peeled…

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Creative Spotlight – Fab Ciraolo

The end is near, you better go shopping

The end is near, you better go shopping © Fab Ciraolo

Today Ladies and Gents, we would like to cast the creative spotlight on Fab Ciraolo.

This talented illustrator combines with great effect, illustration and photography to create these visual masterpieces. He often uses famous people or well-known and quite often “nostalgic” characters and gives them a modern tongue in cheek vibe.

Check out his work here or if you are so inclined hit up his Facebook page