Creative Spotlight – Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu - Playboy Magazine

Yuko Shimizu ©2005

The creative spotlight this week is being shone upon the Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu. Yuko’s journey to where she is now is an inspiring one, originally she studied advertising and marketing and got herself a good PR position for a big corporation in Tokyo by the age of 22, but it never really made her happy.

She persevered with her PR position for the next 11 years until she knew what she wanted to do and had saved up enough money to go back to school full time. She studied at the School of Visual Arts (New York) and left with an MFA in Illustration and has been illustrating since. She now also teaches the Illustration BFA at the School of Visual Arts.

Yuko’s illustrative style is very powerful, combining traditional Japanese art with modern styles and imagery.

Why not check it out for yourselves over at her website or to learn more about what inspires her and the processes she uses check her blog.


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