Quirky.com – Quite possibly the greatest website

When I was young I remember satellite television being littered with infomercials aimed at would be inventors. These always got me thinking, trying to come up with bizarre contraptions to solve everyday problems.

Now the clever people over at Quirky.com have created a website that allows everyday people to put their ideas for potential inventions forward. These concepts are then pushed forward and refined by the online community as well as Quirky’s team of expert designers, researchers and engineers. If the idea makes it past the initial development stage, the process then moves into prototyping the product and presale. When the presale order threshold has been reached for the product, Quirky then move to manufacture and finally distribute the product.

Quirky Manifesto from Quirky on Vimeo.

I really take my hat off the guys over at Quirky for coming up with such a great concept that allows people to realise the potential of their ideas and even get it to market. I look forward to seeing the future products as they get released.

Be sure to check out the website and if you are feeling inventive why not contribute or even submit an idea…



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